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Program Bantu Struktur ASDIP Concrete 4.4.8


ASDIP Concrete, formerly known as ASDIP Structural Concrete, is a structural engineering software used by engineers to design concrete members. This software is used for column base design, wall bearing, composite beam, concrete column, metal columns, wall retaining, base plate and.. ASDIP Structural is a simple, intuitive and cost-effective software that saves time and money for structural engineers. (No annual fee, no repair fee and no expiration date)

Features and specifications of ASDIP Concrete software:

  • Simple and efficient graphical user interface
  • Design concrete members in minutes
  • Optimize design reliability in accordance with code design regulations
  • Quick review of each step of the design
  • Fast and reliable design of beams, columns and walls
  • Generate instant, interactive and shear charts
  • Graphic display of interactive charts in columns and walls
  • Customizable design options, options and conditions
  • Multiple options for geometric models
  • High quality output with preview
  • Multiple calculations under one project file
  • Manage project calculations and files
  • Step-by-step calculation with the placed formula
  • Accurate calculation of large moments in columns and walls
  • Includes column design module, circular or rectangular concrete column design
  • Concrete wall design under the action of vertical lateral loads
  • Has a module with unique parameters
  • Complex calculations on the physical properties of concrete modules

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