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Program Bantu Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2022


Software AutoCAD Architecture that the abbreviation ACA is read, and at first with the name of AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, and then Architectural Desktop and of version 2008 nurtured the current is known, a version of the flagship Autodesk software, i.e. AutoCAD, that were specialized for building design and architecture has been produced. The software in those applications, BIM (an acronym for Building Information Modeling, and able modeling information building) is considered.

Features and software features Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture :

  • Environment, familiar AutoCAD and so the possibility of learning fast
  • Design and drawing of three-dimensional works of architecture simultaneously with the drawing two-dimensional
  • Has a library-wide from a variety of parts of the building such as walls, doors, windows and…
  • Ability to last post the status of the general plan by removing or adding translated or localized content, except New
  • The accuracy of the supernatural in the design and mapping
  • High-speed design and the possibility of quick reconstruction plan
  • Design all kinds of ceilings with the new standards
  • Create the design as a letter to Iran and close to the view of the real
  • Drawing a map of the floor of the building with the use of various materials
  • Ability to output to software common design

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